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About Jeannie Lovett Barrick

The Photographer:

Jeannie Lovett Barrick: self-portraitI am passionate about taking pictures of people. My inspiration came from an interest in genealogy that began at age 12 when I stumbled across the names and dates of my great-great grandparents and their children in my paternal grandmother's Bible.

(L) My grandmother, Virginia Johnson Lovett, ca. 1928; (R) My great-great grandparents Mary (Cobb) and Noah Cox and family, Whitley County, KY ca. 1904. My great grandmother, Laura Cox Johnson, is standing in the back.

 Amidst names and dates of ancestors long deceased, I encountered pictures that helped to tell the story of a specific person's life and time. As I researched family history, I slowly came to understand the brevity of life. Out of that understanding, came a desire to capture individual lives through photographic means.

Whether it is a headshot, portrait, group picture, or a wedding day, it is an honor for me to provide visual documents that serve as a witness to your life.



The Musician:

-  I teach music theory and aural skills at Texas Tech University. You can read more about what I do at TTU here   

Jeannie singing Bach on a concert with the LSU Schola Cantorum (Photo: Frank C. Phillips, Baton Rouge, LA)- I am a singer with a love for choral music. I also enjoy singing solo repertoire especially within a choral setting  or as part of an oratorio.

A few samples of my singing are below:

 Jeannie Lovett Barrick, soprano, Pie Jesu from John Rutter "Requiem with First United Methodist Church Choir- Lubbock, TX

Jeannie Lovett Barrick, soprano, Movt III, Handel's Dixit Dominus, Lubbock Chorale- Lubbock, TX



Other pertinent facts:

-    I am a die-hard Kentucky basketball fan. Die. Hard. It is completely out of control.

- I am passionate about the light. One of the most enjoyable parts of photography is coordinating the light with the subject in order to make a beautiful picture. I love the different types of light at different times of day and love how the shadows and the light contribute to the mood of a picture. 

-    I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II. The lenses I use are as follows:

24-70 mm. f/2.8

70-200 mm. f/2.8

85 mm. f/1.8

50 mm., f/1.4